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Cardboard crafts: Milk carton house

two small houses made from milk cartons wrapped in craft paper

This week’s cardboard craft is not strictly cardboard, since the base of the structure is a milk carton, but we loved this one so much we had to give it a try. This craft requires some grown-up work up front to cover the milk carton in craft paper, and then it’s perfect for preschoolers and older kids to use their creativity and let their imagination run wild as they decorate the house and maybe even build a whole little town.


  • Milk carton
  • Paper grocery bag or craft paper
  • Adhesives - we used packing tape, masking tape, and rubber cement but you could choose just one or use whatever you have
  • Decorations - crayons, markers, paint pens, paints...whatever you have!

Step 1: Prepare your milk carton

empty milk carton

First make sure your milk carton is clean and dry. You don’t want your creation smelling like sour milk in a few days!

Once it’s clean and dry, cut off the plastic spout and tape over the hole.

Step 2: Wrap milk carton in paper

Most of the wrapping is a lot like wrapping a present, it just gets a little more complicated at the pointy top.

wrapping a milk carton in craft paper

Start with the sides, wrapping the paper around the milk carton the long way. Secure the side seam with glue or masking tape. You can use clear tape here, but use as little as possible since clear tape is difficult to decorate.

wrapping a milk carton in craft paper

Next secure the bottom like you’re wrapping a present.

Once the sides and bottom are finished, stand the carton up and let’s tackle the top.

wrapping a milk carton in craft paper

Cut the paper at the corners all the way down to where the paper meets the carton.

wrapping a milk carton in craft paper

Cut two more slits at the sides where the carton comes to a point. Again only cut to about where the paper meets the carton!

wrapping a milk carton in craft paper

Tape down the sides.

wrapping a milk carton in craft paper

Finish off the wrapping by taping the front and back together at the tippy top. Now you have a blank house canvas ready to decorate!

Step 3: Decorate

Get creative and use whatever you have on hand. We used paint pens, but if you don’t have paint pens, no sweat. Try markers, crayons, poster paint, puff paint, glitter....

If you try this one out, we want to see! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook with #PlayboxesCardboardCrafts. You can also follow us there where we post video tutorials for all of our cardboard craft projects.

Happy crafting!

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