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Cardboard crafts: Alien invader catapult

cardboard alien with popsicle stick catapult and pom poms

You already know that we love space. So when we saw this popsicle stick catapult by @7daysofplay, we immediately thought of ways to make it a whole space-themed activity. The catapult is best made by adults, but the alien target decorating is perfect for little ones to flex their creative muscles.


  • 6-8 popsicle / craft sticks
  • 4 rubber bands
  • bottle cap
  • glue
  • pom poms or cotton balls
  • cardboard
  • decorations - paint or markers work best on brown cardboard, but crayons can work too

Step 1: Make the catapult

Photo of a stack of 6 popsicle sticks secured with 2 rubber bands on the ends

First secure a stack of 4-6 craft sticks with 2 rubber bands.

Original stack of popsicle sticks with two sticks on the outside to form a cross shape

Next, add a stick to the top and bottom of the stack to make a cross-shape. Secure the two outside sticks with a rubber band.

popsicle stick catapult

Now attach those two outside sticks on one end with a rubber band.

popsicle stick catapult

Finally, glue the plastic bottle cap to non-rubber-banded end of the top craft stick. I used super glue because it's all that I had on hand, but craft glue will work just fine.


Step 2: Make the alien targets

painting a cardboard alien

We started by drawing some alien-shaped blobs and cutting them out before decorating. If your kiddos are a little older, they may enjoy making the alien shapes themselves. Either way, make sure the bottom of the alien is flat when cut out so that it will stand up.

After decorating the aliens, cut a stand out of cardboard. Stand should be 3-4 inches long and approximately 2 inches tall. Cut a slit in the top middle of the stand and a corresponding slit in the bottom of the alien. Attach the stand to the alien.

cardboard alien targets with popsicle stick pom pom catapult

Now you're ready to let the pom poms fly at your alien invader targets!

If you try this one out, we want to see! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook with #PlayboxesCardboardCrafts. Follow us to see how-to videos for all of our crafts.

Happy crafting!

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